About Us

In 1981 Barry Couto, a high school guidance counselor, weighed the options between opening either a bookstore or a print shop in Barrington, RI, where he lived with his schoolteacher wife Sharon and their four young children.

When Barry happened upon an ad in the local paper featuring used printing equipment, it helped make the decision for him.

For the first 10 years, he continued working as a guidance counselor while one employee ran the walk-in copy shop. Barry would take care of his business at night after the kids had gone to sleep, or on weekends. Sometimes he made it a family affair, enlisting the help of Sharon, the kids and even his mom to collate and staple booklets, label mailings and stuff envelopes around the family’s dining room table.

When Barry retired from teaching in 1991, he and his oldest son Keith, who was 20 at the time, decided to further expand the printing business together. They did so, outgrowing Barrington Printing’s small facility in 1995.

They moved to a larger building on the same street in Barrington, and over the next few years Barry’s other son Adam, and Keith’s wife Nicole, joined the Barrington Printing team as sales reps.

By 2003, Barrington Printing had outgrown its second facility. Once again, a business opportunity presented itself through an ad in the paper. Barry saw a for-sale ad for a printing company in Cranston, and he and Keith decided to buy it, moving the business to the West Bay.

It ended up being a great move for Barrington Printing, which has continued to grow its customer base and capabilities. Since the move, Barrington Printing has added mailing and fulfillment, large format printing and digital printing, as well as promotional products and apparel to its services.

A true family affair, Barrington Printing currently has nearly 30 employees, five of them family members.

As Barry puts it:

I love what I’m doing – I don’t even consider it work. What’s better than waking up every day and doing something with your family?”